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Level 1 Service Provider PCI Compliance

Our Processors are recognized as Level 1 Service Provider compliant with the PCI Data Security Standard, as advised under the program rules of both Visa and MasterCard for validated Service Providers. Level 1 Service Providers must adhere to the strictest data security standards and must undergo and document an annual on-site PCI Data Security Assessment and quarterly vulnerability scans.

Working with You to Protect Your Business and Your Customers

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance refers to a set of data security guidelines designed by the Payment Brands specifically to keep customers’ account data from being compromised. As technology aimed at breaches evolves, and instances of theft continue to increase, data security is more important than ever. We are dedicated to working with you to protect your customers and your operations by helping you ensure that your business is PCI compliant.

The Importance of PCI Compliance

Businesses that are PCI compliant not only help protect their customers’ information, they also portray a positive and trustworthy business image and build success by developing a high level of customer confidence. By being PCI compliant, you will help protect your business from breaches that can lead to significant fines, penalties, liability issues, a loss of productivity, and severe damage to business reputation. While following PCI requirements does not absolutely guarantee 100% protection against a breach, being PCI compliant does absolutely increase data security and helps protect businesses from easily avoidable threats.

The Responsibility Of Merchants and Service Providers

The area of PCI compliance which applies to merchants is called the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The PCI DSS consists of 12 requirements developed by the PCI Security Standards Council. Any merchant or service provider (i.e. payment gateway, shopping cart, web hosting company, etc.) that accepts, handles, stores, or transmits credit card information is required by the Payment Brands to validate PCI compliance every year. Taking the steps to be PCI compliant on an ongoing basis will help you to make sure you maintain a high level of security for your business and your customers. Failure to keep up PCI compliance after validation is a leading factor in reported breaches.

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